Hannah & Company

School of Music

What We Offer

Hannah & Co. believes music enriches a student’s self-worth, and is foundational in helping them to be successful in every area of their lives. We are committed to excellence in teaching and desire to be positive role models. We have locations in Douglasville, Georgia and Bellbrook, Ohio.

Piano Keys

Piano Lessons

Ages 6- Adult

Our Piano lessons provide a fun and safe environment for students of any age. These lessons provide a great foundation for future music learning and it is never too late to get started.

Guitar Lessons

Ages 7- Adult

Whether you are a child excited to learn your first instrument or an adult wanting to learn how to play your favorite songs, we are here to help you meet those goals.

Other Instruments

Voice & Flute

For our Georgia location, we also offer voice lessons. At our Ohio location, we offer flute lessons.

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