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More About Us

Family First

Our family's love for teaching and music goes back more than five generations. Our great great grandmother taught in a one room schoolhouse. Not only did she pass on her love of teaching, but also her love of family. Over the years we have realized that some of the greatest influences on our lives have been the ones who have taught us music. Now, as a family of musicians, we want to help others gain the same passion for music that we have. Music is a language that has connected people for generations. It can give us so much more than just a skill. We believe music can be one of the greatest assets to our lives, giving us the tools we need to be more well rounded individuals. 

To say our house was never quiet growing up is an understatement, but we wouldn't be here today without it. Our dream for this studio started about two years ago with myself, my brother and my mom. Music has always played a vital role in our lives and we hope it can in yours too. We are so excited to offer you music lessons that we hope will be inspiring, fun and life changing. 

We offer lessons for piano, guitar, flute, ukulele and group voice classes. We are committed to excellence in teaching and desire to be positive role models. We believe that music not only enriches our students lives and self-worth, but is also foundational in helping them be successful in every area of their lives.

-Amy Hannah, CEO-

Meet The Team


Amy Hannah


Amy has been teaching piano, flute and guitar privately for four years. Her teaching career began in Atlanta, Georgia, where she grew up. Music has been a huge part of her life and her family’s life for as long as she can remember. With 18 years of experience playing piano and 14 years playing the flute and guitar, she is looking to share her knowledge and passion for music through teaching.

Amy gets her love of music from her mom, who has been a private music teacher for ten years. She has been involved in high school and college band and orchestra, playing the flute. She has also played guitar and bass guitar in a few small bands. After being the first drum major of her high school, she knew she needed to pursue music education. She began studying music in Georgia at Truett McConnell University and graduated with her degree in music education from Wright State University in Ohio.

Once Amy started teaching privately, she realized how special it is to have a one-on-one environment to teach music. Teaching a student in a way that they understand is her top priority. She has a strong desire to influence the paths of her students to develop a love of music and she sees music education as a tool to help conquer challenges in all areas of life.





Angela has loved playing the piano since she was a girl. She always enjoyed spending time with her musical Grandpa and her love of music continued to grow. She has been involved in choir and music activities throughout her life. As a young mom, she spent time investing in her children’s musical gifts. She was given the opportunity to teach piano at Loganville Christian Academy and found teaching to be her true calling. She has now been teaching for over a decade! She has prepared students for many recitals and festivals. She has also prepared students for assessments with The Royal Conservatory of Music. With a degree in Business Administration from Gainesville College, she feels uniquely qualified for her current role as our Chief Operations Officer. She is focused on not only teaching students but on instructing our future teachers to be outstanding educators for our students here at Hannah and Company. Teaching children goes back many generations in her family and has sparked her continued love for music and teaching. Angela desires to share her love of music with others, teaching them that music comes from the heart and flows into everything they do. It helps one to focus and expands the brain to learn even more. Although it requires discipline, the rewards are endless! She is committed to enriching the lives of her students.


Jonathan Hannah


Jonathan was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and is experienced in teaching voice, piano and guitar. He comes from a long line of musicians, and five generations of teachers. Growing up, Jonathan’s childhood was devoted to music. At the age of six, he started piano lessons and began singing with the Atlanta Boy Choir. Music continued to be his primary focus as he got older, and by his high school years, he knew it would be his career. 

Jonathan attended Shorter University where he received a Bachelor of Music in Worship and Music Leadership. There, he studied voice and piano at the collegiate level and discovered his love for teaching music. Jonathan taught several students during college as a requirement for a class, but quickly realized that it was something he was passionate about.

Jonathan’s career has mostly centered around work in ministry as a worship leader, but his passion for instilling a love of music in others has kept him driven to pursue teaching. He believes that music enriches a person’s soul, and that the love of music can forever change a person’s life for the better.

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